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  *In Loving Memory of Linda Rodolico-Lettre*



Dear friends and clients of Linda Rodolico-Lettre:

It is with the saddest and heaviest heart to share that my beautiful mother (and owner) Linda, passed on January 13, 2022. 😢 💔

As most of you know, I have been working by mom’s side at the travel business since the early 2000’s as “Vacations by Linda & Lynda” aka “Boo and Stella!” Mother & Daughter Travel Agents since 1989! 😊 I have loved hearing your stories about working with my mom throughout the years, maybe vacationing with you and living life to the fullest on one of her “Annual Cruises” she would host! Rest assured, Party Time Travel remains open and I am continuing her legacy, just the way she taught me!! She LOVED all of her clients sooooo much and so do I!!!!

Mom started her own agency, Party Time Travel on N. Middletown road in Nanuet, NY, with a desk, phone and fax machine in 1989. From there she moved to a tiny strip mall on Rt. 59 in West Nyack across from the now Dunkin Donuts and Palisades Mall. It was a glass store, deli and her agency. In the 1990’s she opened up a store-front on Main Street in Nanuet where she stayed until 2004 when our family re-located to Coconut Creek, FL. But New York had her heart and she moved back in 2008, working from home while the world went through the mortgage crash and things seemed uncertain. She got a call from her old landlord in 2011, “Hey Linda, how you doin? The store across from your old spot opened up, do you want to move back in?” She said to me, “Lynda what do you think?!” I said, Let’s do it! The rest is history….here we are through the rise of online travel websites, zika virus and the covid pandemic –booking and planning your dream vacations!  Mom always told me, give the personalized attention and service, that’s what they want!”

A Celebration of Life Memorial Service & Mass can be viewed here:

I wish I could call each of you personally, but she touched so many lives and this is easiest right now… please keep in touch!

Share stories with me.. All of my personal contact is below and the Travel Agency remains open in Nanuet if you want to visit.

Lots of Love,

Her namesake and daughter,

Lynda aka Stella